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The Adoption Option 

On the following pages is a growing number of articles and resources for those  looking into adoption as an option for building or adding to a family. A majority of this information has been kindly donated and written by Patricia Irwin Johnston, M.S. who is the publisher for Perspectives Press, Inc.
What is Adoption?
Adoption is the legal process by which a person becomes a lawful member of a family different from their birth family.  Once a final order of adoption has been ruled by a court of law, the adoptive parents gain the same rights and responsibilities as parents whose children are born to them; subsequently, an adopted child gains the same rights as birth children in regard to inheritance, child support, and other legal matters.  In most U.S. jurisdictions, at the time the adoption is finalized, the adopted child's name is legally changed, and the court orders the issuance of a new, amended birth certificate.
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